Bloc Cosplay


Q: Do you have a special Cosplay cloakroom? 
A: We do not have a changing room only for Cosplayers, however there will be a cloakroom, available for everyone where you will be able to drop your bags and belonging.


Q: I am a Cosplayer and I’d like to bring guns, what are the applicable regulations? 
A: We are well aware of the fact that many visitors have guns replicas; however it might be dangerous among the Convention alleys. 
Thereby, are forbidden inside the festival: 
- Every guns replica made of hazardous materials 
- Weapons made of light wood with sharp and piercing parts 
- Replicas of blunt weapons made of heavy materials Are allowed: 
- Weapons made of cardboard, foam, light wood or any other non-hazardous materials 
- Replicas of blunt weapons made of light materials A strict control of all the weapons and the bags will be made before you entering the convention. The weapons allowed inside the festival will be marked and only those marked weapons will be accepted. 
The sale of replica will only be available for major people. The salesmen have to pack every weapon they sell, and the visitors are not allowed to unpack their purchase inside the room or they will be expelled. Because of the anti-terrorist security plan, every retorts of Airsoft guns are expressly forbidden, as for outside the Festival than inside. Any hostile demonstration with artificial weapons can cause confusion on public roads or inside the Villette, and so could be misinterpret and therefore punish. 
For everyone’s peace of mind, we advise you to: 
- Keep sharp and piercing weapons in their sleeves 
- Keep guns replicas inside a bag or a pack so they will not be visible from outside the Villette It is strictly forbidden to introduce alcohol, wine or any spirituals as well as any containers or glass bottle within the site. These shall be deposit at the reception or will be destroyed. Anyone who won’t comply will be refused entry into the Comic Con Paris. We remind you that these instructions non-appliance will lead to an eviction from the Festival.


Q: Can I take photos of the Cosplayers? 
A: If you’d like to take photo of another visitor (or with another visitor), ask for his/her permission and respect his/her right to refuse. During the comic Con be respectful and friendly. Our mission is to create a fun, enjoyable, safe and unforgettable event; where passionate people from all around the world can meet and greet. We are not only searching for you to live the best week-end of your live, we’d like you to live it in a safe and peaceful environment. 
As we are ourselves passionate people, we know the importance of creating a safe place for every Comic Con visitors.

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