We have announced it several times, BetaSeries will highlight the webseries at Comic Con Paris 2018. It was during the special evening Comic Con Paris x Meltdown Paris that the name of the 10 selected webseries was reveled. Now it's time to give you more information about the BetaSeries award and the nominated webseries!

What is the BetaSeries price?

In partnership with Le Point Pop, the BetaSeries prize will reward the best webseries during the Comic Con Paris 2018. After making  set up a call for candidacy throughout the month of May, the BetaSeries team has selected 10 webseries and it is the moment for us to reveal them to you. You can now discover them thanks to their BetaSeries files.

It's now up to you to decide between them! Indeed, you can vote for your favorite web series from July 1st to October 1st 2018! In addition to public votes, a jury composed of Comic Con Paris, BetaSeries, and Point Pop will debate and decide on the 10 webseries. Thus, the votes of the jury and the public will be counted to elect the best web series.

The result of the votes will be counted with the following ratio: 2/3 (votes of the Net surfers) and 1/3 (votes of the jury).

Do not wait any longer and go here now to vote!

It's your turn !

What are the nominated webseries?

DonJon Legacy

Jon is a good man who just discovered, in ruins, the heritage of a father he did not know.

Discover it here:


A surveyor in a polling institute, Arthur is a genius of statistics who vaporizes the gloom of his daily life in artificial paradises. One day, he accidentally reverses the results of a survey and nobody notices it. Worse, its conclusions are true. Realizing the power he has in his hands, Arthur will start playing it.

Discover it here:

La théorie du Y

Anna and Matteo are on their way to a family meal, as every Sunday. But in Anna's head, it's bubbling, she can not help imagining another reality ... so far from hers. Today, without warning, everything explodes. A hand touches her, a look seduces her. Anna discovers a world she does not know. A world where to lose yourself? "La Theory du Y" explores with humor and delicacy the desires and loves of today.

Discover it here :

Les Engagés

Les Engagés tells the story of the political and sentimental initiation of the young Hicham, 24, who leaves his city HLM and his family to find Thibaut, a young man very committed to the recognition of homosexual rights. Hicham is looking for himself. He did not forget Thibaut's attraction to him several years ago ...

Discover it here:

Évadés du temps

Emma, an international thief, and Simon, a government agent, find themselves in spite of themselves taking a trip back in time. They will have to learn to team up if they want to survive! History is to be rewritten...

Discover it here:

Mortus Corporatus

DEATH IS BACK! Predictably, the mowers of Mort Inc. are coming back for a bloodier season. Gaspard and Cyprien have sharpened their scythes and will have to surpass themselves because uberisation is ongoing since the private have decided to seize the business of death. Miss Poitou, recently promoted to the head of a new office "Accident", is approaching Cyprien, whose talent is revealed in broad daylight. The friendship between Gaspard and Cyprien is challenged. BE CAREFUL!

Discover it here:


Ben is 30 years old today. Passionate about history, cultivated, shy, he has few friends outside his club of historical figures. Often mocked by his colleagues, he is nevertheless passionate about his work at the Tourist Office: driving the little train that embarks tourists to visit Nîmes. After a sad birthday party, he returns home when he spills a man with his car. Panicked, Ben approaches the unfortunate and discovers that he has overthrown a Roman gladiator who has traveled back in time until today.

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Jeanne, Chloé, Alex and Guillaume think they will find their life as they left it, but they quickly realize they are doomed in a reality where they have no place. Witnesses of lives that are not theirs, their own identities crack and put the unity of the group in jeopardy. Hounded by men in white, they will have to make a choice. The camera remains but the scale is growing.

Discover here it:

XP Canapé

XP Sofa is a webseries that plunges the viewer into the hectic daily lives of video game players. Whether with friends, family or a couple, video games now occupy a central place and disrupt relationships within the home for explosive situations!

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Zeppelin Star

Lost in the depths of space, the ship's high-flying crew tries to escape an enemy that is as crazy as it is dangerous. It would be less of a problem if each member was not replaced in turn by his double coming from another dimension, from Sherlock Holmes to the king of Sparta Leonidas through a zombie ... The captain is replaced by a looser come of our planet! Will he succeed in making himself accepted and save them all?

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