Online ticketing

Can we buy his ticket on the spot?

Crates are accessible at the entrance during the opening hours of the Festival. However, we recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance before October 26th to receive exclusive preferential rates on our official online ticketing.


Do I have to print my e-ticket?

The print of the access title is mandatory. The access title is required at the entrance.

Are the tickets nominal?

The tickets are not nominal. Daily tickets are only valid for one entry. When you enter, the barcode will be registered by our security agents. Any exit is therefore final.

For the 3-day pass, on the other hand, you will receive a bracelet giving you unlimited access during the 3 days of the Festival.

Are the tickets refundable or exchangeable?

Tickets sold on the online store and in the box are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

Is access to the festival free for children?

Access to the festival is free for children under the age of six. A ID or (identification card) Card will be required at the entrance.


Is it possible to go out and re-enter the festival?

Only visitors who bought a 3-day or VIP pass have unlimited access because of the bracelet that will be given to them at the entrance. For visitors who only have one day's pass any exit will be final.

I took several pass as well as photos and dedications. On the pass, the name of the person is well indicated, but on the photos and the dedications, only my name appears. Is that a problem?

For the dedications and photos the control is done only on the barcode the name is not taken into account. Each barcode is unique and allows one pass.

I missed my autograph or photo session can I use it for another session?

Since we have limited time for each session the ticket is only valid for the time indicated. We advise you to be very careful.

I bought a ticket for a day but I finally want to come another day.

You can exchange your daily ticket for a weekend ticket by paying the difference on the spot: go to the crates at the entrance of the festival. If the price of your ticket is higher than the on-site rate we will not be able to repay the difference.


Can I buy my VIP ticket on site?

This exclusive offer is limited to 200 pass so we advise you to buy it online.


 Is a ticket purchased in advance equivalent to a cut-and-run ticket?

Only the purchase of the VIP Pass allows to benefit from a cut-off access at the entrance of the festival.

Do you offer cancellation insurance?

Unfortunately we do not offer cancellation insurance.

What are the customer service details?

We answer your questions by email at faq-comic-con@reedexpo.fr

How to get the SNCF discount?

To benefit from this discount  simply email us your address and the number of SNCF plugs you want. With, in attachments, your entrance tickets to the festival.

Photo and dedication Purchase

If a guest cancels his arrival, can I get my photo and/or dedication reimbursed?

If a guest cancels his or her arrival we will refund your photo and/or dedication. However we will not refund the entrance ticket to the Festival which remains neither exchangeable nor refundable.

Peut-on se faire dédicacer plusieurs objets avec un seul ticket ?

Pour les acteurs un ticket donne droit à une dédicace uniquement. Si vous en souhaitez plusieurs, il vous faudra le même nombre de ticket.

Concernant les artistes comics, aucun ticket n’est nécessaire, et vous pouvez vous faire dédicacer plusieurs objets. La gratuité de ces dédicaces est à la discrétion de l’artiste, il est possible qu’à partir d’un certain nombre d’articles, un paiement soit demandé.

Notez que les artistes les plus connus peuvent  limiter leur nombre de dédicaces par personne, en raison de la forte demande.

Is it possible to have several objects signed with one ticket?

For the actors a ticket is only valid for one dedication only. If you want more than one you will need the same number of tickets.

For comics artists no tickets are needed and you can have several objects signed. The gratuitousness of these dedications is at the discretion of the artist it is possible that from a certain number of articles a payment is requested.

Note that the best-known artists can limit their number of dedications per person because of the high demand.

Can we be several on the same photo?

It is possible to be several on the same photo, however each person must present his photo ticket beforehand. It is not possible to invite other people to the photo.


Can we take some selfies?

No it is not possible to take selfies or its own photos on the photoshoot stand.

Do artists take preorders for commissions?

It will depend on the artists. Regarding those of the "Artist Alley" their contacts will be available on our website.

Do not hesitate to follow the artists directly on social networks for possible announcements on the subject.


General Information

Is it possible to withdraw money from a distributor within the Festival enclosure?

La Grande Halle de la Villette does not have a cash distributor. In addition any exit is definitive so we invite you to withdraw money before entering. Be foreseeable : many stands accept only cash payments.


What are the availability of talents outside of signature sessions?

Talents will not be accessible outside the various conferences and photo sessions/signatures.

Do you have special access for people with reduced mobility?

A cash register is reserved for people with reduced mobility and is accessible at the entrance to the Festival

Can we eat inside the festival?

Within the festival, several spaces offer you something to eat. But of course you can come up with your own picnic!

Do I have the right to bring my camera?

It is obviously possible to bring your camera in order to keep a souvenir of your experience at Comic Con Paris! However, the shooting of exclusive content images is prohibited. Failure to comply with this document may result in your exclusion from the festival and will expose you to legal proceedings on the part of the rights holders.

I wish to be part of the staff of Comic Con, where can I apply?

We invite you to follow our social networks, we will soon call on volunteers!


Can I sit in the hallways and attend all the panels behind each other?

Not necessarily it depends on the conference rooms.

On the online program or available at the entrance of the Festival an annotation will be indicated for each panel or the exit is obligatory.

Please also note that the queue for panels starts from the beginning of the previous panel.


Do you have a dressing room for cosplayers?

A pay deposit is available to drop off your business, however the deposits are limited. We do not have a special dressing room for cosplayers (except for those registered in the Cosplay championship).

How to get to the festival?

We invite you to consult the timetables, access and rates on our practical information https://www.comic-con-paris.com/fr-fr/informations-pratiques.html

What are the conditions of access to the Festival?

Access to the Festival is free of charge for visitors under the age of 6, a piece of identification may be required. Never buy your tickets to a seller in the street they may have already served or be fake, you will not be able to enter the Festival.

In the context of the measures Vigipirate "alert attacks" and in order to ensure the best reception of the visitors we thank you for showing understanding of the slowdown induced by the security checks at the entrances.

Is it possible to enter with books at the festival?

You have the opportunity to bring your books to the Festival to have them signed.

Is there a service found?

Yes. In case of loss of an object, you can contact the reception of the general office.

Does the festival have a smoking area?

Yes, a smoking area is accessible. We invite you to consult the plan that will be given to you on the spot.

Do you have WIFI inside?

You can actually access Wi-Fi for free (Wifi : Villette). Attention: This access is limited.

Is the entry free for people with reduced mobility?

The person with reduced mobility must pay the entrance fee to the Festival.

However there is a specific dedicated entry for people who cannot keep the station standing and the person accompanying it (only 1 person). Proof or medical certificate may be requested if necessary.

What are the possibilities of accommodation near the Grande Halle de la Villette?

Thanks to the partnership with MagicStay.com a collaborative site for lounges and fairs the Comic Con Paris offers studios and apartments easily accessible in the centre of Paris or near the Grande Halle: see the apartments Available

Take advantage of the preferential rates of our partner B Network.

The hotels are all booked?

Feel free to call on Airbnb the best alternative possible. See Available Apartments

Where can I find the list of exhibitors?

We invite you to consult the list of exhibitors.


Where can I find the complete program?

We invite you to consult the program.


Safety Instructions

What are the forbidden objects within the walls of the Grande Halle?

It is strictly forbidden to introduce dangerous objects and/or alcohol as well as any glass containers or bottles within the enclosure of the Festival. Prohibited objects must be deposited at the receptions and will be destroyed. Failure to comply with these instructions will lead to your expulsion from the Festival.

Are animals allowed on the festival?

Unfortunately we can not allow access to animals

I am cosplayer and I want to bring weapons, what are the regulations in force?

We are aware that many visitors have replica weapons. However, due to the Vigipirate Bomb Alert plan, the following instructions are strictly applied during the check-in at the Festival entrance. Failure to comply with these instructions will lead to your expulsion from the Festival.

Are banned in the enclosure of the Festival:
-any replica of weapon made of dangerous materials
-replicas of light wood weapons with perforating or cutting parts
-the aftershocks of blunt weapons in heavy materials
-for reminding airsoft replicas are formally banned both on the public road and in the Festival.

Are allowed:

-replicas of cardboard foam light wood or other non-dangerous material

-replicas of blunt weapons in light material

-the replica weapons allowed to enter the festival will be "marked".

Any hostile demonstration with fictitious weapons that may be confusing on the public road or in the Festival grounds will be suppressed. For the peace and quiet of all, we invite you to:

-Keep the replicas of sharp or blunt weapons to the sheaths

-keep replicas of firearms in a bag or in a package so that they are not visible outside the enclosure of the Festival

What are the rules regarding the purchase of replica weapons on the festival?
The sale of replica weapons is only allowed to the major persons. Sellers are obligated to pack replicas of weapons sold. Visitors should not open the package or be expelled from the Festival. Failure to comply with these instructions will lead to your expulsion from the Festival.