Neal Adams began his career in 1969 with the Deadman series (DC Comics) and X-Men (Marvel) and quickly became the new star of the comics with his sense of layout and his very realistic drawings. In 1970, Dennis O'Neil and he redefine a darker Batman and co-create Ras Al Ghul and Man-Bat. He then started the cult series with realistic themes Green Lantern / Green Arrow, Superman vs. Mohamed Ali Follow and remains to this day one of the legends of American comics.

Frank Miller will be at Comic Con Paris from Friday, the 26th to Sunday, the 28th of October.
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It's hard for Neal to stop a line of people to draw for any amount of time, so we make it possible to pre-order, so you can pick it up at the convention.

Contact Jason and he will send you a price list and discuss what you'd like to get.