Shannen Doherty debuts in the television series "The Little House on the Prairie" before becoming an icon of pop culture with the support of Aaron Spelling who gives her the iconic roles of Brenda Walsh in "Beverly Hills, 90210" and Prue Halliwell in "Charmed". Special year for this latest series which celebrates its 20th anniversary with the release of new adventures on TV.


Ricky Whittle continues appearances in American programs such as "Single Ladies" and "NCIS Special Investigations" or "Mistresses" with Alyssa Milano. He then won the role of Lincoln in the series "The 100", the teen-drama CW Television Network, alongside Marie Avgeropoulos and Eliza Taylor. Today, he plays Shadow Moon, one of the main roles in the American Gods series broadcast in France on Amazon Prime Video, directed by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green after Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name.


Discovered in "Sour Grapes", the first film by Larry David, co-creator of the Seinfeld series, Orlando Jones then participated in many projects such as "Magnolia", "Office Space" and of course "Sleepy Hollow". Today, he shares the poster of the series "American Gods" alongside Ricky Whittle ... Do not wait!


Josh Herdman is best known for his character as Gregory Goyle, Draco Malfoy's loyal friend, whom he played throughout the Harry Potter saga. He has also appeared in numerous series and films, notably in Gary Young's English thriller: Two Graves. In parallel, since 2016, he began his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) career.


Adrian Rawlins is best known for playing the role of James Potter, the father of Harry Potter, in J. K. Rowling's fiction-based film series. He has also appeared in numerous series and films, notably in Dickensian where he plays the role of Edward Barbary.


Frank Miller is now considered as a master in the entertainment industry. Several times awarded, he is known throughout the world for his raw works with dark aesthetics, through comics but also novels and film adaptations (Sin City, The Spirit). Recently, Miller co-directed Brian Azzarello's "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" of DC, a second sequel to "The Dark Knight Returns". Currently, Miller is writing and illustrating "Xerxes: The Fall of Darius' House and Alexander's Ascent", the much-anticipated prequel of five episodes of his award-winning 300 series.


Neal Adams began his career in 1969 with the Deadman series (DC Comics) and X-Men (Marvel) and quickly became the new star of the comics with his sense of layout and his very realistic drawings. In 1970, Dennis O'Neil and he redefine a darker Batman and co-create Ras Al Ghul and Man-Bat. He then started the cult series with realistic themes Green Lantern / Green Arrow, Superman vs. Mohamed Ali Follow and remains to this day one of the legends of American comics.


English draftsman, he quickly works on various Batman series at DC before joining Marvel Comics (Deadpool / Spider-Man, Identity Wars, Ghost Rider ...). He spent time on the cinema side as a concept artist on the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past before returning to the comics. Then he took the reins of the Lucifer series at DC COMICS which was adapted to TV series. Currently, he draws the Skyward series at Image, written by Joe Henderson.


American designer, son of the legendary Joe Kubert, Andy Kubert made his debut at DC Comics with Adam Strange then "Batman Vs. Predator ", written by Dave Gibbons (" Watchmen "," Judge Dredd "). He replaces Jim Lee on X-Men with Fabian Nicieza, and he continues since the cult series: "Age of Apocalypse", "1602", "Wolverine: Origin."


Born in Turkey, Mahmud Asrar began his career on Dynamo 5 by Jay Farber then directed some numbers for Marvel and DC Comics. The latter decides to entrust him with the new Supergirl series of the New 52 which he will illustrate for nearly 2 years, before signing an exclusive contract at Marvel where he will follow the headlines: Wolverine & The X-Men, Hulk, All New X-Men, All New Avengers and recently X-Men: Red.



Born in Oregon (USA), Gail Simone is a committed writer who begins her career at Deadpool and Agent X at Marvel before moving on to DC Comics where she will remain 15 years old and will become the specialist of strong women and secondary characters by writing among others Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Wonder Woman and Batgirl (New 52). Today, Gail Simone writes for the series Marvel the Domino, still unpublished in France.