A few questions for Lunneth, winner of the contest :  

Tell us about your first cosplay experience...

It was in 2012, I was in high school and I had made a cosplay of Harley Quinn with my best friend, who had made one of Poison Ivy. 

We had to rush on our costume, the day before the convention. It was made of fabric that didn't stretch, so I had to use hot glue. I never worked with hot glue cosplay again ! 

What does Cosplay means to you, and what did you learn about yourself ?

It is a huge passion - that takes a big amount of time - and it's a great part of my life. When I'm not at work, I still work, on my cosplay. I think all the time about my costumes, the way they're made, how I could create new ones myself, with which materials I could experiment, etc. 

This passion made me very careful about how I can schedule my work, and taught me to be rigorous, planning what I really want to do.


What advices would you give to someone that wants to get into cosplay ?

Most of my friends would say that it's better to start low. But if you really enjoy a character, or if your project is profoundly important to you, just ask yourself if you would do anything to make it happen.

If the answer is "yes", then go for it !

What is the biggest mistake you ever made on your cosplays ?

Again, to use hot glue ! I had to use it because I cut too much tissue, and I didn't have enough. It was necessary to finish my costume.

It was terrible...

Can you tell us how much time and energy you spent on the winning costume ?

Evie took me 6 months to create. I spent hours and hours looking for photos that would be used as reference materials (a few of them have a sufficient quality). I counted every nail, zip, etc.

I checked the size of every piece and accessory. It was the first time I utilized leather. So I had to learn about what kind of leather I could use, how to tint it, how to sew it. I created 3 prototypes in order to make it fit to my body. I had to reproduce to design on Photoshop to print on the clothes of the shirt and the trousers.

Why did you choose this character for the French Championships of Cosplay ?

The first time I watched The Descendants, I didn't expect to like it this much. I thought it was a teen show ! But at the end of the two films, I fell in love with Evi's costume. Firstly, I only imagined it with artificial leather and discarded materials. But then I realized I wanted it to be perfect, a true replica of the one in the movie. 

It became my most technical and expensive costume.

What do you like about geek culture ?

Everything about Harry Potter, animated movies, and TV series.